Monday, May 16, 2011

Bathroom: Hello Floor!

We've finally gotten the floor completely tiled! It's not completely finished since it still needs grout, but it's close enough for me! As I've said before, doing large DIY projects around nap time is a tricky thing. It's especially not helpful when the toddler decides to take epic naps. So, tiling the floor took us two entire weekends. You can't do much during the weekdays, since you need a pretty large chunk of time to do some actual work. It's worth it, though! We're pretty proud of ourselves, especially since we tackled a fairly complicated design for two people who have never tiled before! It's not perfect, most notably around where the previous vanity was since the floor wasn't level there. Nothing too bad, though, and it's nothing that should be noticed. I'm so excited that we'll be installing the toilet soon and that the next major project is drywall!

There are a few more odds and ends before we get to that, though: one more connector thingy for one of the sinks and the wiring for a new light. I'm sure you can guess what we'll be doing next weekend!

Jeffrey helping sort out all of the spacers

Making sure that dad is getting the thin-set to the correct consistency 

the FLOOR!

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