Sunday, May 29, 2011

One Quarter

I turned the big 2-5 on Friday. Being a mom and all, there was no huge party or late night craziness (such as what you might have seen at 21). It was a nice and calm day with my two favorite boys, and I loved it. It's exactly what I wanted.

Jeffrey woke up early because he was too excited to wish me a Happy Birthday and give me some love (this is what I tell myself). After a calm morning where he actually ate his breakfast without a huge fuss, we went off to spend the morning with some new friends at the Children's Museum. The boys had a blast, and us moms enjoyed chatting while they ran around like fools in the Tot Spot. Then, Jeffrey and I boarded the light rail to head downtown and meet Jony for lunch. Jeffrey was SO excited to see him, and we ate at one of his favorite restaurants: Chipotle right by the light rail so that he can watch the trains go by. Seeing my son so happy is a fantastic component to a great birthday. After a long nap, we dropped Jeffrey off at the in-laws and went on a date to the Melting Pot. Yum.

I'm feeling all sorts of relaxed because I have an appointment made for a massage and pedicure next week AND I got what I wanted for my birthday: housecleaning. Jony arranged to have a natural cleaning service come and do a thorough deep cleaning of the house. He hated doing it because it's such a "lame gift" (his words), but it's what I really wanted!

As an added birthday bonus, Fertility Friend popped up some crosshairs after I entered my temp on Friday. I'm still not entirely sure I believe it, especially since the temps keep going down, but it was a nice thought for my birthday.

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mtendere said...

Glad you had a great day!