Monday, May 23, 2011

Bathroom: Floor is DONE.

Well, the grout still needs to be sealed, but that won't take long this evening. We're very pleased with it! We chose a grout color that, color-wise, is in between the cream large tiles and small black tiles, and it looks really great. I'm absolutely loving it and really loving that our bathroom is on it's way to looking like an actual bathroom again! You'll also notice that about 1/2 the room has drywall up! The whole toilet area is completely done; I just can't take a picture since I can't walk on the floor yet. We need to make a final decision on sinks and sink placement so that we can get the electrical stuff finished. Then, the rest of the room will have walls (should be by the end of the week). The fact that we have a long weekend coming up excites me as to how much we can get accomplished in there. Right now, it's really looking good for us to be finished by our first vacation the second weekend in June.

the completed pipes for the 2 sinks