Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mr. Picky Pants

It's safe to say that I have a full fledged toddler on my hands. And that toddler comes loaded with a whole bunch of opinions, most of which are opposite of mine. I suppose he truly is my child. He has very particular needs and wants. I'm thankful that every day brings about another word or form of communication because it can get very frustrating trying to decipher exactly what he wants.

  • When he's hungry, he wants something specific. Not to end there, sometimes it needs to be cut or given to him in a specific manner. 
  • He likes to sit in a particular chair when doing anything that involves sitting: putting his shoes on, reading books, eating, etc.
  • He has a major preference for which pair of shoes he'll be wearing at any given time (thankfully, it has not moved on to clothes as of yet)
  • He lets us know if we're not doing what he thinks we should be doing (example: We were playing with a ball yesterday. I was holding it and throwing it in the air, and he told me to put it down. Obviously, it was kicking time.)
  • He wants a specific sippy. And, no, it's not always the same one. Color is important.
  • When reading, he must choose the books. If you start another one, he will grab it and put it back on the shelf. 
  • His blanket must be put on him in a specific manner that changes each time. This also sometimes means that he doesn't want the blanket.
You get the idea.

Although difficult and sometimes frustrating, I love it. I was raised to always question authority, and I'm so glad to see that Jeffrey will be following in those same footsteps. You can't be too upset when you think about how you're raising a strong, independent child who knows what he wants! 

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mtendere said...

It's great to see them develop personality, but it's not always easy to deal with!