Friday, June 24, 2011

19 Months!

He actually turned 19 months on Saturday, so I'm a little behind this month. Maybe if I keep waiting, he'll never leave the teens? I'm a bit afraid of entering the "20" months. Yikes.

I think that the current age has been the easiest and most fun thus far! He's such an easy going child, even though he does have a firm opinion. Signing really helps him communicate, so we're not have any tantrums going on. He sleeps well and goes to sleep somewhat easily, and he's just a blast to play with. It's just my energy keeping up with him that has some struggles sometimes.

19 month stats:

  • no clue how big/long he is
  • still wearing 12-18 month clothes, although it's closer to the 18 month sizes now
  • naps consistently 1.5-3 hours and sleeps through the night! He only got up once a handful of nights in the past month. Pure amazing.
  • 12 teeth; no signs of the canines as of yet
  • can now point out his armpits, elbows and cheeks
  • can catch a ball, if big enough
  • can dribble a heavy ball (like an actual basketball as opposed to his rubber balls)
  • is showing some major favoritism to his left hand in coloring and in eating
  • is starting to drink from a cup, although it can get messy
  • know that you go "tee-tee" in the potty
  • loves helping out with everything around the house
  • likes to show you that he's strong
  • shrugs his shoulders and says "dunno" read: I don't know
  • favorite food: peanut butter
  • favorite book: still Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
  • favorite activity: blocks of all kinds

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Kaymee said...

I'm afraid of 20 months too! These babies are WAY too big!