Friday, June 17, 2011

Back to Square 1

CD 1.

I'm not even upset about it. We had crappy timing, and it's just the first cycle. Sure, it was a long as crap cycle, but it's just the first. It took three cycles to get pregnant with Jeffrey, so I'm sure I'll become more invested if it takes longer than that. Of course, I'm fairly positive that it will because you can clearly see that my cycles were much prettier pre-Jeffrey than they are now by just a simple glance at my charts. Plus, I know that breastfeeding isn't exactly helping my cause. I'm more concerned that my LP was only 9-10 days, and that's if I ovulated at the earliest that I could, based on my missing temps. So, I'm hoping for a shorter cycle and a longer LP this time around.

Is it strange that I'm sad that this cycle didn't end on CD 100? What a clean number to end it all on.

I AM glad that I'll be able to kick AF to the curb before our road trip. Because that would have seriously sucked.

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