Monday, June 13, 2011

Home, Sweet Home

We are back! It was a great time, but it's always nice to get back to the comforts of your own house, car and city. We got to see lots of family that we don't get to see too often. Some since our wedding! It's also nice to get to see Nana again. She's 98 years old, so you can never take a visit for granted. It was a lot of fun getting everyone together. His Florida family is so much more fun than the family here, so that sucks that they live so far away. Jeffrey had a fabulous time and LOVED seeing his cousins, especially the 9 year old. They were instantly best buds. The little man and I ended up not actually going to the graduation. For one, it was really early (7am our time), and Jeffrey was already way thrown off schedule. It also turned out to be outside, and it was just too dang hot for him to sit in the direct sun for two hours. So, we got to sleep in, and he was a little ham at the party afterwards! While we were there, we also hit up the Clearwater Aquarium, the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa and went to eat dinner at Clearwater Beach. 

He was a bit overstimulated and overtired most of the trip, so he was throwing and hitting more than normal. Still in a great mood, overall. There were some major lessons learned from this trip. For one, travelling by plane was much more interesting than last year. We can really tell how much bigger he is than last summer! Planning the flight for nap time was our worst decision since that meant he started the trip off tired. It was just too awkward to hold him that long in such a small space, and he couldn't get comfortable on our laps. Being on the plane with him awake, though, was MUCH easier than I would have guessed. Not a big deal at all. If he'd had a car seat, it wouldn't have been an issue (although all three of us are not big fans of the Cosco Scenera; Jeffrey was SO excited to get back in the Britax). Darn full flights. 

Something interesting we decided to try was to have Jeffrey sleep on a twin air mattress to see how he would do- zero issues! It was so strange to see him sleeping in a regular bed. We're probably going to start working on his big boy room/transitioning to a twin after we finish the bathroom. It was so cute for him to get out of bed and come get us in the morning!

So, now it's relaxing time and getting back in the swing of things. For a little bit, anyways, since we leave on a 10 day road trip on the 25th...

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