Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What are the odds?

I'm still in the middle of this ridiculously long cycle. It's pretty much comical at this point. So, I decided to ditch the thermometer for our Florida trip. After all, what's the point? No need to worry about the time difference and waking up at the same time when nothing is happening, anyways. Well, yesterday I wake up to temp and, low and behold, it's high. Same thing today (although I woke up an hour earlier). All signs are starting to show that I did, in fact, ovulate sometime around the trip. If so, we don't have great timing. Oh well, at least I ovulated!

Jeffrey nursed substantially less than normal on the trip, and my chart shows that my body has been gearing up to O quite a few times. So, I think the missed feedings (specifically the morning one) just kicked it all into gear. That, the high temps and the fact that I'm lethargic and feel like a sloth make me really think that it's happened. We'll see what the next few temps hold, though.


Kristin said...

Did you have fertile signs too? Wet cm? increased sex drive?

mtendere said...

Good luck!