Friday, June 3, 2011

Bathroom Update: It looks like a room!

Our bathroom is officially starting to look like an actual room, as opposed to an empty shell or dead space. All of the walls are completely up! Walls and floors make me very happy. They still need to be taped and floated (and painted, of course), but I'm just happy to see them hung up in all of their glory. Jony was so glad to close up all of the plumbing and electrical stuff. It caused him quite a bit of grief and took up a lot of time! 

We've purchased the two sinks (decided to just go with pedestal sinks instead of building a vanity) and the toilets (one for our bathroom, of course), as well as the new light fixtures. All of those are ready to be installed once we get the walls finished up and painted. That will hopefully be finished before we leave for vacation on Wednesday. 

When we get back, we'll still have to tackle the bathtub tiling, fixing up the door to the closet/cabinet, buying and setting up an additional cabinet for the corner and all of the decorating! Looking back at all that we've done, this doesn't seem like anything at all. I'm so excited to see the end of this project and am pretty sure I'll be very pleased with the end result.

the old light fixture is still there until the wall is painted; don't want to mess up the new ones!

the bathtub walls will have to stay exposed for just a little bit longer

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