Monday, September 5, 2011

5 weeks!

I'm actually feeling really normal now, although I am a bit tired. That will only get worse since Jony heads out tomorrow, starting his new travel gig until December. Bummer. The plus side of that is that he'll be at home on Fridays now. I don't feel like I have too much to update on the pregnancy so far since nothing is really happening. My bloat is a bit bigger at this point than it was with Jeffrey, but it's still not anything anyone would really care to see. I'm still taking weekly pictures, but I probably won't post until it's actually something. We got all the pregnancy books out of the closet, and I showed Jeffrey the album I made of belly pics from his pregnancy. He would just say "WOAH!" at every week at the end, lol! Whenever he sees my belly, he gets excited and kisses the baby. It's amazing how much he understands, even if he doesn't truly understand what we're telling him.

We only ended up having one interview this past weekend since the other ended up being at a birth. So, we'll reschedule for next weekend. The one we did have was really nice, though. She had a basket of toys for Jeffrey to play with (win), and both of us felt really comfortable with her. We agreed that, if she was our only choice, we'd be really happy. It's hard, though, since we're not familiar with midwives at all. So, we can't make an educated decision until we meet the rest of them!

Also coming up this weekend? Telling the family! Eek! It'll be good, though, since we're going swimming with my family. Jeffrey would give it away when he sees my stomach, anyways- LOL!

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