Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Hunt Begins

I have four consultations set up with some midwives in the area. We'll see how those go and then either choose one or meet with some more. I'm very lucky to have a large selection in my area- a big benefit to living right in the middle of a major city. Two of them are this weekend and the other two are next weekend. Yup, on weekends. 2 Saturdays, a Friday afternoon, and a Sunday afternoon. I'm in total awe of the difference in care I'm already experiencing, and I don't even have a midwife chosen yet.

First off, I'm calling these women on their cell phones. It really doesn't get more personalized that that, does it? I'm actually talking to them, asking questions, answering questions and just kind of getting a feel for each other. They don't have specific appointment times; they just work with what they have available. I actually talked to one of them for almost an hour yesterday! I've been e-mailing back and forth with another one. Incredible. I have no doubts that this is right path for me. I'm pretty intrigued to see how actual prenatal care will be!

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Kristin said...

That is awesome. Hope you find someone amazing!