Friday, September 30, 2011

Switching Things Up

Things were getting crazy at nighttime. Not horrible, but it just wasn't working anymore. So, we've made a change to have it more like nap time (which, oddly enough, goes amazingly well every day). The biggest factor is that nursing has been moved from last to first. Nursing just wasn't getting him to sleep anymore. At all. There was a big "fight" to get him to pass out afterwards. Since he likes reading books in bed now, we've decided that this makes the most sense. Bedtime now goes as follows:

1. gets nighttime clothes on
2. nurses and then nighttime snuggles
3. I lay him on the bed, kiss him goodnight, and daddy comes in
4. bedtime stories (typically 3)
5. rub/pat back; put to sleep

We're still in the first few days, so it's been an adjustment for him. It's going really well so far, though. It works so much better for me and Jony since we don't alternate going into his room every night. It's been taking him a little longer to actually fall asleep, but he's not fussing as much as he was. He has a cough, as well, which is probably a factor in that. Since the jury's still out on if I'll be tandem, I liked that this would make sure that he can potentially go to sleep without me while I'm still in the house. Hope it continues to go well!

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