Monday, April 13, 2009

8 weeks!

The spotting stopped Friday morning, so I'm happy to report that the weekly post is still going strong! 

Sorry it took me so long. I've added the Easter belly shot in hopes all will forgive. 

  • How far along? 8 weeks (which seems incredible to me)
  • Total weight gain/loss: I STILLneed to get a scale...
  • How much does Baby weigh?: 2 grams
  • Maternity clothes? Nope
  • Stretch marks? Nope
  • Sleep: It's been amazing, although I still have slight discomfort when I'm in certain positions too long. I've been sleeping constantly.
  • Best moment this week: realizing that the spotting was gone!
  • Movement: Nope.
  • Food cravings: I'm well into the food aversion stage. Nothing ever sounds good. Ugh.
  • Gender: After a freakishly realistic dream 2 nights ago, I'm feeling the boy vibes.
  • Labor Signs: Nope
  • Belly Button in or out? Innie
  • What I miss: liking to eat
  • What I am looking forward to: possibly hearing the heartbeat at our appt next monday!
  • Milestones: first weekend vacation and first Easter, sorta.
My Baby

Big news! You may be able to hear the heartbeat this week with the help of a Doppler, an ultrasound device that captures the chug-a-chug sound of baby's heart. The first time you hear baby's heart, your own heart may skip a beat—it's the first real evidence that there's someone growing inside you! If you can't hear the heartbeat, no worries, your doc will just check again in a few weeks. Other amazing developments this week:

Baby is beginning to move, but you won't be able to feel anything for some time.

Baby is growing nipples and hair follicles (although there's still a chance you'll be giving birth to a baldy!) His pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts and anus are all in place, ready to poop and pee a dozen times a day when he's born. Your baby's head is half the size of his body and his little chin is tucked into his chest. His tiny tail is beginning to shrink away, giving Junior a more human and less amphibious look.

Until now, all pre-babies look the same "down there." This week, however, your baby will begin to develop either male or female genitalia. In layman terms, your baby is beginning to develop her hoo-ha or his wee-wee. While you won't be able to find out the gender of your baby for several more weeks, the version you'll give birth to is being developed right now.

At this stage, your developing fetus is 1-inch in length, about the size of a martini olive (you remember martinis, don't you?) and weighs a mere 2 grams—a little less than a penny.

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Celine said...

I cant remember how I found ur blog but Ims o pleased baby H is on his/her way ;)
I just wanted to say that I spent about 2 hours last weekend looking for my bunny ears to do a very similiar photo that you did hehe!
Just think next easter you will be holding a beautiful little baby in ur arms :)