Thursday, April 9, 2009

My niece, the big cousin

First off, let me introduce you to the most perfect little girl in the world (for now, that is- lol): Alexandra, or Aly

I apologize- this is the most recent picture that I have right now. It's from Christmas. She's almost 2 1/2 now. Big girl. The reason for this post is that my sister sent me 2 e-mails the other day regarding how excited Aly is about us having a baby (we're her favorite aunt and uncle). At first, her reaction was that she didn't need another cousin (she has 5! All on her daddy's side), but she seems to have warmed up to it a bit now. Prepare for ultimate cuteness...

E-mail 1

Yesterday, I (my sister) asked Aly if she wanted Vera and Jony to have a baby and she said yes, and she asked if the baby was coming over now. I explained to her that the baby was teeny-weeny and was inside Vera's belly right now trying to grow. She showed me with her fingers how little the baby was and then we together made the baby grow bigger and bigger until she said it was too big. I asked her if she wanted the baby to be a boy or a girl, and she said "not a boy or a girl, a BABY!" She kept asking when the baby was coming over and her reference kept switching between he/she. Her other first reaction was saying she wanted to touch the baby's hair and hands and belly button. Then she started talking about all the things she could show the baby: how to run, dance, sing, and play (and we added a few more things she could show the baby, too). We told her that the baby would grow so Vera's belly would get big like mine was when she was in my belly but now she is too big to be in my belly (this stems from a discussion we had when she saw a picture of me pregnant.) We told her that soon she would be able to feel the baby kicking in Vera's belly so she started kicking and saying she was kicking like the baby, but then we showed her how it would feel on her hand when she really did feel it. She was very excited about it, and after we thought she lost interest she would bring it up again. When we were getting in bed she told me to keep talking about the baby so I had to keep talking about how the baby would grow and soon would be able to play with her. After seeming sad that the baby wasn't coming over I told her she could help me plan a party for the baby so people could buy the baby lots of fun stuff, and she asked if the party was for her, but seemed quite fine that it was for the baby.

E-mail 2

I forgot to tell you that I showed her the ultrasound and she confirmed that it was your baby.

I told Aly we were going to the gym tonight and she asked if the baby was coming. She told me she wanted to hug the baby but she can't because it's in Vera's belly. I told her she could start talking to the baby now through your belly button so she was practicing: Hello baby, where are you? What are you doing? (All yelling really loud). She was so funny.

So, I love my niece. I can't wait to hang out with her this entire weekend. I'll report back to see if she yells into my belly button, lol!

-7 weeks 3 days!

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That is SO cute!!