Monday, April 6, 2009


That's my baby! ONE (sorry MIL, haha) healthy little babe with a beautiful beating heart! As soon as that dildo cam was placed in, it popped up so quickly! What an amazing experience. We got 2 pictures (same thing, though) of our 9mm baby. My due date was moved up a day to November 23, but my doctor was very impressed that I was so correct! He literally said, "You were right!" He then told us a story about how he "fought" with a woman throughout her pregnancy about when she conceived, so he always is impressed with the women how are so accurate. He demoted me from PNVs to 2 Flintstones a day to help keep the nausea away, so I'll head out and pick some of those up later today. I also got my blood taken which went surpisingly well. J still took me to Smoothie King for my favorite smoothie afterwards, though. Now that we've seen that everything is going well, we've started the telling process some more. EEK! Both parents were given the go-ahead to tell close friends and family, so the word will be out in about 5 minutes, lol. 

Since my EDD was changed, I'm actually 7 weeks today! I'll still post the weekly post tomorrow and then start it on Monday next week. Yay for moving up a day!

-7 weeks!

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mrs.gardner said...

Aww yay. Glad baby imavera is perfect!