Friday, April 17, 2009

Spa Day

I got a much needed pedicure with my sister today. It felt SO good, and now my toes look all pretty. Just in time to kick off the wedding season with a bridal shower brunch tomorrow morning. I seriously think I have at least one wedding-related activity every weekend until July. Geez. It's going to get expensive. 

The world is now exposed to the excitement of Baby H. We have told all that were important enough to us to tell, and it is now spreading quickly. Very quickly. I have a comment on my Facebook wall already! It doesn't say "pregnant" or really even allude to it, but it says that she's so happy for me and J. My phone exploded this afternoon. It was crazy! It's so nice to not have any secrets anymore. I've even been offered a baby shower already, which was totally unexpected. 

As far as this weekend, J is out of town. So, I'm going to be completely bored (besides the bridal shower). Hmph.

-8 weeks 4 days

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