Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swimming, anyone?

Did Houston do something wrong to deserve all this from mother nature? Seriously. I'm so sick of this raining. For those that aren't from Houston or surrounding areas, you should be aware that this is not normal rain. We'll go weeks with nothing and then we'll have these major hardcore rains that come down so fast that nothing can keep the water down. Thus= flooding everywhere. This morning was about the 4th (maybe more?) major storm in the last 3 weeks. It got to be too much, and we got some freaking water in our house. It shouldn't be too much to fix, but it's darn annoying. Some houses around us/in the city haven't even been fixed by Ike yet! Now, we're just waiting to hear back from our insurance. Thankfully, we're smart people and bought flood insurance even though it's not necessary for where we live. Living in Houston without flood insurance=dumb. 

Let's hope that I can make it to work! The flooding has gone down for the most part, but I typically get there and home by way of the worst-flooding intersection in the area. It's definitely still flooded, I can guarantee it. 

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