Friday, April 10, 2009

Darn spotting

Yesterday, I flipped out. When I went to the bathroom yesterday evening (about 5pm), I had a substantial amount of spotting. It was all brown, thank goodness, but it was quite a bit. I had a little bit more throughout the rest of the evening. I had a meltdown. J was withdrawn, as he does when he gets upset. He was nice enough to call the doctor for me, but, of course, they were closed already. So, we've decided to just believe in our baby. We're both stubborn, hard-headed people, so the odds are in our favor that this little toot is, as well. My mom calmed me down a little bit, which upset me. Just in a different way. I was overcome with sadness at how experienced my mother is with miscarriages/stillbirths. I continuously felt like crap, so that kept hope alive. Today, I'm happy to report that there has been no spotting. We're continuing our plans on going to my parent's farm over the weekend for Easter. If there was ever a weekend for hope, it would be this one, right? 

I'm excited about hanging out with my niece. The worst part about these weekends is that J and I have to fight the incredible urge to steal her. We'll see what happens. :) 

-7 weeks 4 days

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Stacia said...

Hopefully, this little one sticks! Have a great weekend!