Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Disco Baby?

I'm pretty sure that I've started feeling this little thing! I thought it may be so a few days ago, but I was confirmed last night. I felt wierd little flutters and just expected some gas to follow. Nothing. Pretty exciting! We're certain that our baby does the disco in there, so it's exciting that I may be feeling some of it's moves. I love it. It is certainly my child, as it was all occuring late at night. I can't wait until J will be able to feel it, as well. I know that's a few weeks away, though. 

As far as girl names go, we may be getting close. J stated last night that my favorite name has really been growing on him! Woo-hoo! I'd love being able to go into our Big Ultrasound on the 30th with both of the names finalized so that we can leave the doctors office knowing who our little disco baby is! 

Is it June 30th yet??? 

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