Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Makings of a Nursery

We bought our crib! (well, my parents did- it's their thing for their grandchildren) I'm so excited about it! We went to the store knowing that we wanted a Munire and that it was between either Deco or Urban. We tended to lean slightly towards Urban, but we wanted to look at them in person before making any decisions. We loved the Urban. We were talking about color when one of the employees came up and asked if we wanted to look at a "manufacturer's error." He'd heard us talking about liking the espresso but that it was a bit darker than perfection for us. Well, the "error" was that Munire had made a big shipment that was just a tad lighter than regular espresso (they dubbed it espresso light). It was PERFECT! Not only that, but it was at a reduced price because it's an error! We were able to get a bundle package for hundreds less than normal for a color that we like SO much better. Awesome. The craziest part is that they already have it in stock. All except the conversion kit. We're going to leave it there until that comes in, and they'll we'll head over to pick it all up! It's time to get that room painted now...

We're now the proud owners of the Munire Urban crib, combo/hutch, and nightstand in Espresso Light! YAY!

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Mrs. P said...

OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that crib!!! And WOOHOO for manufacturer errors!