Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Gender Game

With only a few days left until the big u/s, I find that thinking about whether it's a boy or a girl has consumed my thoughs. Even my dream last night had the baby switching genders throughout it. So, I've decided to group the old wives' tales as an easy way to look back this coming Tuesday and compare. Feel free to use them to help determine your vote!

Boy (purely because it's first, alphabetically):
  • no morning sickness in early pregnancy
  • I've been told I'm carrying low, but that's still kind of hard to assess, I think
  • my leg hairs are growing faster (annoying!)
  • Daddy is gaining weight with me (much to his dismay)
  • pregnancy agrees with me, looks-wise. While I still have the occasional pimple, it's much better than it used to be
  • my urine is bright yellow
  • I'm a moody pregnant woman
  • my age at conception (22) and the month (March-3) I conceived is an odd number

What about gender predicters?
  • Justmommies= BOY
  • The Bump's Chinese Gender chart= BOY
  • Labor of Love= GIRL
  • Babyman= BOY
  • Tvoy Baby= GIRL
  • Shettles= BOY
  • ring test= BOY
We'll see how it plays out!

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