Monday, August 3, 2009

24 Weeks- V-DAY!

It's a nice feeling to know that if Jeffrey were to be born at any point after this that he has a chance of survival. We're still hoping for at least 13 more outside-babyless weeks, but it's so reassuring to have reached this point. It's a wonderful anniversary present to give to his parents! We spent a lot of time in the nursery this past week and feel really good about where we are at now. There's still tons to do, though. It's insane to me when people keep commenting that we must be done with it now...not even close. We completed 3/18 of our Nursery To-Do's and have our glider and ottoman all set up and arranged. Only a few more big pieces left to put in there (mostly organizational stuff for the closets), but the furniture is in it's final placement! I got a big bag of goodies from my sister (hand-me-downs from the niece- Woo-hoo!) and started going through all of that. We sorted out all the clothes by size (she didn't find out the gender, so she had a lot of gender-neutral clothing) and put up some of the toys that will fit in perfectly with our nursery scheme. That definitely helped with it looking so bland and white. I'm ready to get some stuff up on those walls, though!

This is a pretty busy week for us- on Wednesday, I'm going to a La Leche League meeting. Thursday, we meet our new OB! And then, on Friday, we leave for our weekend get-a-way to celebrate our anniversary/babymoon!

# of things left to do in the nursery: 15
# of items left to buy: 17

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