Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Beginning and an End

Today, I am 26 weeks and 6 days pregnant. That means- 3rd trimester! YAY! It's hard to believe that I'm getting so close to the end. I even got a stranger comment yesterday when I got my wedding rings inspected/cleaned. He took me by surprise when he asked how far along I was- I still don't really believe that I look that pregnant. Especially in a t-shirt, which I was wearing. It was fun, though! We'll be celebrating entering the final trimester by, again, going to our Bradley class! It's our second to last class. Wierd.

So, what am I at the end of? Summer. How sad. The school year starts up again tomorrow. I'm a substitute, and I wasn't really expecting to have any jobs for at least another week or so. I got a call from a principal on Friday, however, asking if I could cover for a teacher the entire first week! No easing back into it for me! I'm interested in how it will be to sub on the first day of school. I also have my other part-time job at Curves four nights this week. What does this all mean? I'm going to be completely exhausted by next weekend. It is amusing to think that I was in my first and third trimester while subbing. At least I'll be able to eat this time, even if my selection of professional clothes is pretty scanty. Wish me luck to make it through the week!


Stacia said...

Good luck! Surely they'd have a lesson plan ready for you so there's not a lot of pressure!

Rachel H. said...

Hope you have a good first day back and YAY! for the third trimester! I can't wait to get there!