Monday, August 10, 2009

25 weeks!

I decided to add in a "mama's view" to start documenting belly growth in that manner as well. Enjoy!

This last week was pretty eventful- this week, there is nothing happening (except lots of working). Boring. We had our anniversary getaway to a Victorian bed and breakfast in a small town a few hours north of Houston. We had a wedding to go to there, so we just combined it all. It made our little getaway pretty cheap since we didn't have to pay for any food! It's actually the city that both of us went to college in, so we always enjoy going back. We love the city, even though it's teeny-tiny, and plan to retire there someday. It was so nice just hanging out with J and just being together. We knew that times like that would be very rare in a few months, so we took it to the fullest. I will say, though, that we will be going on dates at least once a month (sans Jeffrey). We refuse to become one of those families that's all about their kids. Jeffrey will be included into our life- our lives will not become all about him. He'll get to hang out with his grandparents (who will love that), and we'll get to be a happy mommy and daddy who are still in love!

Speaking of grandparents, my mom bought us our infant car seat as an anniversary present! She's so excited about having a grandson, but we've officially banned her from all baby stores and our registry. My parents have bought us way too much already. It is fun having it all set up and cute in his room, though! It's the Graco Snugride in Sterling:

My Baby

Deep breath! Air sacks are developing in your baby's lungs, which means it just might be possible for your baby to take a breath at the end of this week. The air sacks (technically called alveoli) will continue to grow for the next nine years. The membrane that keeps the alveoli separate from the blood vessels is now thin enough to allow for that oxygen–carbon dioxide exchange we call breathing. Other highlights this week:

The retina completes the development of its normal layers this week—all the better to see you with. Well not you, per se, because her eyes are still sealed shut and it's really dark in there, but your baby's eyes are now fully developed.

Brainwaves for the auditory and visual systems are detectable in baby's noggin this week. That means baby's brain is registering things like sound and light. She can't understand what any of it means yet, but she's on track to comprehend an entire episode of Blue's Clues in no time!

As hearing continues to develop, your baby will start to recognize your voice. One hint that your karaoke rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is not the best would be when the baby starts banging on your gut. Your bambino will also start to recognize your partner's voice. He may feel silly talking to your stomach, but assure him that somebody other than you is definitely listening. Research has shown that newborns actually recognize familiar sounds after birth. Proof that your baby has been paying attention all along.

Break out the sparkling apple juice—baby has now completed two-thirds of her stay in Hotel Womb. Your baby is about 1 2/3 pounds and is 14 inches long head-to-heel, or about the length of a burp cloth (otherwise known as your primary wardrobe accessory for the next several months).


Rachel H. said...

You look so great! I like the car seat that you picked out! Good choice!!

Mrs. P said...

I love the carseat! You must be referring to Nacogdoches? I see you are an SFA alum... I was there but only for one semester.

Anywho, glad to hear everything is going well!!