Thursday, January 21, 2010

2 Month Appointment

Jeffrey got an A+ from his pediatrician this morning- he's meeting all milestones and is in perfect health/condition. Yay! Jeffrey, again, really liked her and kept trying to have a conversation with her. He was smiling away! She was impressed with his "communication" skills. We just may have a talker on our hands. I did really well today, too. I almost broke down crying at the last appointment when he got his vaccine, but I was strong today! I held his hand and kept him as calm as I could. He ended up getting two shots (Pentacel and the second Hep B) and drank the stuff for Rotavirus. The shot lady was very impressed with his drinking skills- he downed the whole drink. She wants him to come back and teach all the other babies how to do it. He handled the first shot super well with just a pouty lip, but I don't think he was prepared for a second one. He calmed down fairly quickly, though, and now he's napping it out. He was pretty sleepy after the vaccine last month, so I suspect it should be pretty similar this time.

As for his stats, he's smaller than we thought! However, he's still perfectly average- 50th percentile. Except for height- 75th percentile. So it begans- he's going to be just like his parents, it seems. He's currently 11lb, 24 inches, and his head measure 15 1/4cm.

We go back in one month to get another vaccine. No well baby check-up, though.

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