Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Work

I have a part time job at Curves. It's a super cushy job that entails that I do pretty much nothing. The "hardest" part of the job is to clean up at closing. Mostly, I talk and entertain old women. I've been off on "maternity leave" since the first week of November, and today was my first day back. It really wasn't too bad. I hadn't left Jeffrey at all (ever) yet, and I think that made it as bad as it was. My mom came over to watch him for about two hours until Jony got home, so I knew that he was in good hands. Once I got into the car and out of the driveway, I was alright. Sure, I missed him, but I wasn't insane like I was afraid of. It was super slow tonight, so I was able to call in the middle of my shift to see if it was going okay. It was and did. I'd left a bottle all ready for him, so he was taken care of. Surprisingly, my boobs didn't get engorged. yay! All inall, it went well. It'll be nice to get that paycheck, too, even if it is super tiny. Anything helps when you send off the hospital bill like we did today!

I also found out that my best friend is pregnant! We work together and haven't really seen each other too much since Jeffrey was born. She found out on December 23rd and thinks she's about 7 weeks along-putting her due in August! Jeffrey will be in the same grade! She goes to the doctor on the 13th which should put her mind at ease. She had a miscarriage in May, so she's a bit hesitant. She's SUPER sick, though, so she's feeling pretty good about it. I'm excited.


Lil'Misa said...

I'm glad it wasn't too bad for you. I had to go in to work the week of Christmas and it wasn't bad for me either and I wasn't engorged. I think being away for a few hours isn't as bad as all day.

Rachel H. said...

Glad that leaving your little man wasn't too bad! I'm definitely not looking forward to this myself! :)