Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2 months!

2 months ago (yesterday), I got started on the most amazing aspect of my life. It's gone by so fast, but it's left such an impression. Sure, I get frustrated sometimes, but the majority of the time it's pretty smooth sailing. If we had to make a guess, he's a bit over 11lb and probably around 24-25 inches. We have his appointment tomorrow to get the exact measurements. This last weekend was a bit of a turning point as far as sleep goes- about a 6 hour stretch in the middle (he sleeps in 3 shifts). That's been pretty nice. He's also forming a routine of his own which makes it much easier on us to know what he wants/needs. That, along with really getting his cues down, has cut down the crying to almost nothing in our house. We do know, though, that he has to work himself up in order to go to sleep. He gets super fussy and then- click- he's out. It's the wierdest thing.

Jeffrey's 2 month stats and milestones:

  • over 11lbs and about 24-25 inches (I'll update this tomorrow...)

  • wearing 3-6 OR 6-9 month onesies. They're all getting to be too short for him, but he's too skinny to really fill them out.

  • holds his head up about 90% of the time

  • recognizes his mom and dad (he's also learning his me-maw, paw-paw and aunts)

  • is attempting to swing at things (mostly my boobs) but gets easily frustrated when they don't do what he wants

  • he found his hands and is constantly chewing on them- he loves it

  • he can also bring his hands together

  • smiles all the time

  • coos and is attempting to giggle/laugh

  • will hold a rattle for a bit

  • makes associations- lifting shirt=get fed, showing him the wrap=comfort/being held
  • sticks his tongue out when you do- the most hilarious thing in the world to him

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Kismet21 said...

fun! looks like he is progressing nicely.