Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Post Partum Appointment

Good news and Bad news.

Good news: everything looks great! I'm fully back to being a non-pregnant woman. I'm not even bleeding anymore (although I JUST stopped last week, finally). Cervix is sealed shut, stitches are healed and removed, and it didn't even hurt to have the exam done.

Bad news: I am allowed to have sex now. Yikes. I won't lie that the thought terrifies me. Now I have to come up with other reasons to avoid it. I am starting to see a wee bit of sex drive starting to emerge (yay for not being on birth control!), so that will hopefully help. We only have pre-seed in the house as far as lube goes, so we'll need to hit up the store before anything goes down. Although I'm sure that it works the same as regular lube, I just can't do it. It's like it's asking to get pregnant again even though it's really not. It's my unjustifiable fear.

Sadly, I do have a reason for right now. It seems as though I've come down with a cold. Poor little Jeffrey has it, too. Blame dad for bringing it home. Punk. My left ear is clogged, which sucks. I keep waiting for the elusive 'pop' to no avail. I just may have to call the doctor to make sure I don't have anything more serious if it doesn't pop soon. It's really freaking annoying. Jeffrey seems to be handling it well, although he shrieks like we're torturing him when we suck the snot out. We got a humidifier and will use that, so hopefully it helps both of us.

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Stacia said...

Oh no! I just got over my 2-week cold/flu and don't wish that upon anyone! Hopefully the both of you get well soon. :)

P.S.: I have the same fears about sex again...don't feel guilty!