Friday, January 22, 2010

Out and About

I always knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mom, and I was right. I love it. I never could see myself doing anything else (which posed an issue when trying to decide a major in college). However, I cannot be a stay at home home mom. Meaning- I have to get out of the house. On the days that I don't go anywhere, I go insane and get frustrated way too easily. So, I've started looking around for ways to force myself to get out. I'm no good at just leaving to go stroll around Target- I need to have something to do. I also need to find some more moms with kids Jeffrey's age both for playmates for him and some friends for myself that are at the same stage of life that I am. I've already been going to a support group for new moms that my hospital has (open to everyone, though) on Wednesday morning that's been nice. I get some mom interaction and also discuss some of the troubles/issues that you go through as a new mom. I also have a LLL meeting once a month. I need more, though. I've printed two free trial passes to test the waters of a Stroller Fit class and a Mommy and Me Yoga class. I think both will be great physically and emotionally. Plus, the Stroller Fit has other events and outings, too. Providing those work out and I like them, I'll have something every morning!!


Lil'Misa said...

I need to get out of the house too. Sometimes it is just a small errand like going to the pharmacy. Also sometimes I will go to grocery store to buy stuff for dinner that night.

Kismet21 said...

There is a mommy and me yoga class at the motherhood center on wednesdays at 10am. I think I may start soon!

Rachel H. said...

I agree that it's so nice to just get out of the house...I feel so confined here all day!