Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All About Daddy

I'm very lucky to have such a great husband and outstanding father as my support at home. He's so great with Jeffrey, and Jeffrey LOVES playing and being with him. He's even started showing excitement when Jony gets home from work, which makes his day. It's all come pretty naturally to Jony, and he loves being a dad. However, he's extremely jealous that I have so much outside support. From e-friends, e-friends that I've met in person, and the hospital support group, I have a bunch of people that I can go to with a question or a vent. He doesn't really have anyone. He has a few guys at work that he's started talking to, but most of them are quite a bit older than him. I guess that's one of the downfalls of having kids younger than most. He mentions quite often that he wishes that he had an online group of dads that he could talk to. I need to get out there and make some more mom friends so that he can make some dad friends.

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Lil'Misa said...

awe ... i didn't even think that dads need a support group too.