Monday, February 13, 2012

28 Weeks

There's not much change since last week. I'm officially in the third trimester, so that's exciting! Movements are getting bigger and more pronounced; you can see quite a bit of those little kicks and jabs through my clothes now. As much as I love that, it also brings along the movements that hurt a bit. He's taken a good liking to sticking his butt out on my right side, which I find pretty entertaining. Since he's hanging out higher than Jeffrey did, I'm starting to feel some effects on my breathing. It's nothing horrible right now, but it is forcing me to have better posture. Not that that's a bad thing. The biggest issue that I am dealing with is dreaming. I have been having THE strangest dreams, and I'm having one very night. I don't get as much rest as I do when I don't dream, so it's a bit frustrating. I've reintroduced the snoogle to my life, though, and the reunion has been far greater than it was a few weeks ago. So, at least I am semi-comfortable.

We're getting close to finishing Jeffrey's new room which is super reassuring to me. I'm starting to get that nesting itch to get everything ready for this new baby. By this time with Jeffrey, we were almost completely ready. Now, I realize that we're already ready since I now know that we don't need any of that stuff, but I want to do it. As super irrational as it is, I need that stuff ready! Gavin's nursery is currently a workroom since it's so cold/rainy here- not exactly a warm welcome for a sweet snuggly newborn :)

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