Monday, February 20, 2012

29 weeks!

The end of an era- the last week in the twenties! We basically just have two months before needing to be ready for this little guy, and that's going to go by so quickly. Exciting and terrifying all at the same time!

We spent the weekend at my parents' farm, and it was so nice to just be able to relax and let the family entertain/watch the little guy for a bit. I'm experiencing some major back pain/issues (which I think is mainly from the bed we were sleeping in up there, hopefully), so I wasn't really capable of doing too much on my own. It basically seems like whatever position I'd sleep in would end up badly in some capacity- back pain (with the snoogle), hip pain (without the snoogle) or not breathing (on my back). I figured back pain was the most manageable since I can avoid bending over too much; being able to breathe while sleeping and walking are pretty unavoidable.

I'm trying to figure out this whole being pregnant with a baby that's up high thing; it's affecting my eating/breathing much earlier than I remember with Jeffrey. It's not terrible, but I do need to pay attention to whatever position I'm in at all times. Movement is also pretty crazy, although I still love it. He loves when I'm all warm and really bounds around then. He's not a big fan of hot showers, though, and tends to sink down super low. It makes taking showers twice as awesome. He's getting substantially larger, and I'm loving interacting with him and protecting him as he grows.

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