Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Big Boy Room: Update 6

I've been lazy at taking pictures since the work in there is so minimal, but things are happening! His nightstand is completely finished, and his desk is 3/4 of the way there. One more coat of paint and then attaching the legs, and it'll be set to go! We may end up getting some sort of top for it, though. You'd have to ask Jony about that; I try to stay out of that aspect of things as much as possible. We've also hung up his picture wire, which he loves. He is so proud of all the little things he makes at home, story time, and MOPS and is excited to have some on display in his room. We may actually put another one up underneath it since he's been so into crafting lately. Plus, that wall is big and blank!

Once the desk is secured in, we'll be focusing on decorating it and buying the little knick-knacks for his desk organization. Then, it will be completely finished! His old room has been completely abandoned (although his diapers and stuff are still in there), and he's relinquished it to Gavin. I'm so happy about how easy this entire transition was and am really loving his new room. It's been hard adjusting to walking in to check on him before I go to sleep and seeing him look so tiny in his big 'ol bed, but I love it. It's much easier than seeing him look huge in the crib that he was getting too long for!

We're set to start Gavin's nursery in March! Exciting!

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