Monday, April 19, 2010

5 Months!

My little man just keeps growing, despite my best efforts to keep him small forever. Every day, he learns something new and shows me that he is growing up to be a big boy. He's moving all around, interacting so well, and his feet touch the ground when he's sitting in his bebe pod. All great. All ridiculous. He is such fun to be around as he is almost always in a fantastic mood. He's so easily amused (he get's that from me) and laughs at almost anything. He is quite the flirt with the ladies; men have to work a little harder for him to interact. He loves technology and all remotes and is obsessed with our dog. Poor little guy doesn't get near as much attention from our Coco as he would prefer, but his day is made when she lets him pet her.

As for his 5 month stats:
  • he's about 14lb 7oz and is at least 26 inches long
  • still wearing 6-9 month clothes in Gerber and is in transition to the 6 month Carter clothes (the bulk of his wardrobe now). Pants are becoming an issue now due to length.
  • showing some sleep improvement these last few nights- only waking up twice. He's also forming a pretty consistent schedule of bedtime and morning. Naps are also improving
  • army crawling all over the dang place. Blankets are useless.
  • starting to get up on all fours
  • can sit unassisted some of the time for up to a minute!
  • can reach and grab like the best of them. He crosses over the midline great and with no problems.
  • can stand holding on to something as long as you'll let him (or until he get's too excited, lol)
  • plays with his feet constantly
  • can transfer objects to other hand and has 100% success in getting all items to the mouth
  • babbles and squeals all the time; he prefers the sound "mamamama" as well as the high pitched shrieks. Our house will never be quiet again.
  • will turn his head towards you when he hears a voice/his name

His 5 month photoshoot is tonight. It'll be insane to see how he is in comparison to the caterpillar on his quilt.

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