Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Sling Recall

As a babywearer, I figure I should share my thoughts on this.

First, that sling doesn't even look safe or comfy at all. I'm of the thought that most any of the slings you find at Babys R Us are not super great. There are MUCH better ones out there. Obviously, the Moby and some of the stretchy type slings are great. All the other ones- not so much. The Infantino one, especially, looks like you're just carrying around a small baby bed in front of you. That doesn't even go with the principles/reasons/benefits for wearing your baby. I know that Jeffrey wouldn't stand for it, and I don't think my back would either.

Second, the media has been awful during this whole thing. Now, all that know nothing about babywearing think that it's all bad. This has resulted in nasty looks, whispers, and even a few comments towards me while I'm wearing Jeffrey. It's crazy to think that some people think it's bad when Jeffrey is squealing and smiling. It hasn't been said that cribs are bad when there were recalls- same goes for strollers. Hopefully, babywearing gets some good press coverage soon. Although, I have a feeling that it's up to all the people wearing little babes to educate the world. I've informed the two people who talked to me about my sling, and it ended up being a pretty positive experience.

So, it's been annoying, but I hope that it all clears up in the end. Plus, it is good that those unsafe slings are off the shelves. Now, people can find other carriers that are 100% better! I'm currently in the market for a mei tai, myself. :)

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