Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My poor baby is exhausted. He had his dinner and promptly passed out. Daddy put him in the crib- still passed out. Thirty minutes later- screaming, freaking out baby. He was seriously inconsolable for a good thirty/forty minutes. Since he had pretty much just eaten, we figured he couldn't possibly be hungry. Jony noticed that when he pressed on his gums, the screams intensified. So, we think we might be dealing with a baby in pain. Poor guy. We caved and gave him some Tylenol, so we'll see how tonight goes.

notes: he woke up once when I was writing this post, but the pacifier put him back to sleep almost immediatly. He's been asleep for two hours and has already woken up three times. I hope this isn't an indicator of the night to come...

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Lil'Misa said...

oh no! Carter screamed at night when he was teething and nothing could make it better, not even nursing. It was a rough week. I hope that it passes very quickly for you.