Saturday, March 27, 2010

De-swaddle: Night 2


It was not nearly as successful. He woke up FIVE times. That, combined with doing a garage sale this weekend, leaves a very tired mommy and daddy. We believe the culprit might have been heat. So, tonight we're trying a sleeper. We may pick up a cotton sleep sack tomorrow to try as well. I'm so ready for sleeping through the night...

Totally unrelated: We hit up a consignment shop today and found some great deals! We got a bathing suit, some cargo shirts, a button up shirt, a hat, a visor (OMG- it's too cute), and even some little boy cleats (sz. 9.5, lol, but they're brand new Adidas! How could you pass that up?). All for $25. Nice. It's moving to a bigger location next week, which is awesome. We'll for sure be going back there quite often to score some good deals on cheap clothes.

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Sarah said...

I definitely recommend trying Halo sleepsacks! My first son slept in Halo sleepsacks until he was over 2yr (they were part of the bedtime routine after we transitioned him from being swaddled). They make them in cotton and fleece, plus now they make ones with foot holes for toddlers too.