Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's something you need quite a lot of as a parent and, admittingly, I don't have enough. I hate that, and it's my biggest guilt trip that I give myself day after day. We've been trying to get him to nap in his crib instead of the swing the last week or two. Sure, the idea is great. However, I am a complete failure when it comes to getting my little boy to go to sleep, even when he is thouroughly exhausted. Whenever I attempt (and fail), I'm constantly thinking of how much better my husband is at being a parent than I am. He has what he calls the "daddy hammer," and Jeffrey falls asleep in minutes with him!! It's ridiculous. Sometimes, he's asleep before Jony can even walk back to his room. Jony's constantly trying to make me feel better about this by saying that he associates me with fun and awake times, so it's hard for him to shift gears to sleepy time. When he was little, I couldn't put him to sleep because my boobs would distract him. Now, I just can't. I just don't have the patience to walk all around and rock him while he fusses and squirms. I've been getting way too frustrated lately, and he doesn't deserve that.

So, I decided yesterday that I was done trying. I admit that I can't get him to sleep the "normal" way, so I'm just going to do what works. I've been wearing him in the wrap. My thoughts are that he'll start napping on his own in the crib when he's ready. The boy still needs to nap now, so in the wrap he goes. It feels good. Not only do I love the snuggle factor and the fact that he's getting good rest and is SO much happier/fun, I'm proud of myself for rejecting what I'm "supposed" to do and doing what I know is right.

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Lil'Misa said...

Good for you! Carter still naps in the swing after failed attempts in the pack-n-play. He has to nap. He will eventually need to move to the crib/pnp but not right now.