Monday, March 8, 2010

My body hates me

Seriously. I've discussed before that my body is a freak and prefers to be pregnant. It's the strangest thing, and I'm really looking forward to what it throws at me during menopause (ha). I just wish that, if it really wants to be pregnant that bad, then it should just have my period start up again. That's something that I can handle. That's normal. Not that I want it to return, but I'd prefer that to all these random things.

I've had the sty on my right eye that will not go away. It hasn't been bothering me, though, so I'm just compressing it every so often and hoping for the best. Then, yesterday, randomly in the middle of the day, my LEFT eye starts to hurt. Now I sit here with a swollen, puffy eye that hurts and makes me look like I either haven't slept in a few months or have just taken a massive amount of drugs. Awesome.

Looks like I'm off to the doctor again this morning. That will be 2 times in less than 4 months. I hadn't been to a doctor before that (a plain ol' doctor, that is) since I got my last physical in middle school. Let's hope this gets taken care of quick.

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