Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm Growing Up

I'm aware that this has been occurring for the last few years, but now it looks like it when you come to our house! We were still very much living like college students as far as decorating goes. You know- all the hand-me-down furniture/cheap furniture you find at garage sales that you can get your hands on. We do have a fancy IKEA entertainment center, but we had a nice (small) blue couch to go along with it. That and a $10 coffee table that hurts my heels when I use it as a footrest (because who doesn't use their coffee table as a footrest?!?). That has all changed!! Thanks to the lovely IRS and a tax return, we purchased ourselves some big people couches (a couch and a loveseat, to be exact) and a fancy ottoman that is cushy and has four boxes on top that can be flipped over to become TV trays. Awesome. It'll take a few days/weeks to really get everything all situated since we're completely rearranging our living/dining space, but I'm darn excited. The new couches are comfortable, too, as well as not blue.


mrs.g said...

Ooh sounds nice! You'll have to PIP when you get it all set up!

Stacia said...

LOL. We had FIL/MIL's old blue couch/loveseat until 2 years ago...loving our comfy sectional and huge'll love it too!