Friday, March 5, 2010

My Faves

I realized that I never did a post on the items that I love and are necessary for my house to be a happy home. I guess now that I have over 3 months under my belt, I've given things plenty of time to be able to make the list. So, here are my must haves (in semi-order, but not really):

1) Fisher Price Zen Swing: This is where Jeffrey takes his greatest naps. It's an attractive swing- not so "babyish." It doesn't have annoying sounding music/sounds, and the seat can be put in any direction and even removed to take into another room (FABULOUS in those early days)

2) Miracle Blanket: As a baby Houdini, Jeffrey's arms always managed to find their way out of a good swaddle and wake him up. Not conducive for good nights. This keeps his arms in place, and we all get a much better sleep.

3)Soothie pacifiers: I wasn't sure that I was even going to use pacifiers, but Jeffrey has a massive sucking need. He loves these, and we love them for how well they can calm him down.

4) Manhattan Baby Winkel: This is by far his favorite toy. It's so easy for him to hold onto, so it's a great first toy. He loves the colors and it's nice and comfortable to put into the mouth (very important on Jeffrey's list of great toys)

5) His monkey lovey: Basically a small blanket with a monkey head on it. He uses it to cuddle for naps. Way too adorable.

6) Loveyduds wrap: How do people not have a carrier of some sort? It's super comfortable and easy to use. I just tie it on before I leave the house and settle him in whenever we get to our destination. He loves it- he smiles SO big whenever I show him the fabric. We used the regular cuddle hold up until recently. We do the hip hold mainly now- that is a HAPPY baby.

7) Cloth diapers: They are the way to diaper. Way too easy and adorable not to. He's got a healthy little tushy, and we've got more money to spend on things for him! I loved our Green Mountain pre-folds, Kissaluvs rental, Thirsties covers, and now we're using Rocky Mountain Diapers during the day and BumGenius OS at nighttime. Cloth wipes are included in this love.

8) Mirrors: This goes for the mirrors that you stand up, have in the bathroom, and the one by his changing table. This egotistical baby loves to look at himself.

9) Eric Carle: We obviously made a fantastic choice in decorations for him. He loves all of his Eric Carle toys and books. He wakes up each morning and has a deep conversation with the caterpillar picture hanging above his crib.

10) Baby Einstein Exersaucer: He's just starting to use it, but he loves it. He requires being able to stand the majority of the time, so this is a great toy for him to be able to do that and play at the same time. I think it will get even more popular in this house the older he gets.

Other items that I find necessary:

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