Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kids at the Movies

Yesterday, Jony and were able to rope grandma into babysitting the little guy while we went out on our first date since Jeffrey's been born. It was nice to just get away with neither of us having to worry about taking care of him. Just be together. We decided to go the movies to see the phenomena that is "Avatar," since Jony really wanted to see the new technology. We're not big movie people, but we figured that this was one worth seeing on the big screen/ 3D.

As it turns out, we didn't even need to bring Jeffrey because someone else brought their kid! Yay. She was maybe 2 years old and babbling the entire movie. It wasn't too bad unless it was a really quiet scene. The worst part? I didn't hear a "shh" at all from the parents. I looked back at them at one point to see two adults who couldn't have cared less if she was screaming away. I find it completely innappropriate to take such a young child to the theatre. Every one there has paid good money to get that theatre experience (especially for a 3D movie- yikes) and does NOT want to hear the sounds of a little girl in the background. Especially when they're using it as a break from parenting for a mere two hours. Even more innapropriate? Taking such a young child to see a movie like Avatar! I could understand a Disney or a Pixar movie designed for kids- you would expect it then and probably have your own child with you, as well (although 2 is still a bit young, I think). Adult movies, though, is completely wrong.

Who knows? Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way. We, however, will not be taking Jeffrey to the movies until he's at least 5 or so and can understand that it's "quiet and enjoy the movie time." And it will be even longer before he goes to see an adult movie. If you want to see a movie that bad, get a babysitter or Netflix.


Stacia said...

I totally agree with you. There's nothing worse than a parent who won't discipline their child. I'm a lot more understanding of that situation in public if you can tell that the parents are trying really hard to keep their kid from being disruptive.

Lil'Misa said...

I totally agree with you. DH and I are movie people and we have come to the decision that Carter will only go to kids movies when he is old enough. We went on two movie dates since having Carter and not once did we consider bringing him.

Kismet21 said...

Yep. Only way Sophia is coming with me is to baby mantinees. Animated movies get a pass (if they are geared towards children that is.) Otherwise, no.

For one the movies are loud and hard on their little ears. I HATE people talking in the movies, so I would not want to be a source of frustration for other people.

I have taken her to the movies with me once...but like I said it was a baby matinee and kids were expected. go.