Friday, March 26, 2010

De-swaddle: Night 1

It went surprisingly well. We were getting some cues from him that he was possibly be ready (getting frustrated in the swaddle and sleeping for good increments of time unswaddled), so we figured we'd give it a go. He's been sleeping like crap anyways (waking up about 3x a night- darn you 4 month wakeful!!), so we didn't think it could be that much worse. Surprise!! It went so much better than we expected! He still woke up four times (twice to eat), but he went back to sleep with no issue. Our new trustworthy friend, Mr. Soothe N' Glow Seahorse helped with that, as well. He slept the same lengths of time as he had been swaddled. I'm calling it a success, although I'd be glad to get some longer stretches at nigh. In time. For now, I'll just enjoy those late night snuggles.

We only have fleece sleep sacks, though. That's not going to work in the TX summer...

Also- no AF. That was just random light spotting. ?!?!?

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Stacia said...

I think Katelyn is starting the 4-month wakeful crap, too. Thank goodness for our seahorse!