Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh, thank goodness

Our normal little sleeper returned last night. I'm not sure who that was the night before, but I'd prefer for him to stay away. Today should be a much better day. All three of us are rested. Jeffrey actually woke up happy and smiley today again- always a good sign. Jony even got a few more laughs out of him. Of course, he was staring at his naked self in the mirror. Ridiculous little boy. By yesterday afternoon, he was EXHAUSTED and miserable to be around. Those are rough days, so I'm glad we don't have that looming over us for this afternoon, too.

Jeffrey had a good time meeting his Great-Nana and great aunts this past weekend- he was a super good baby for them. I was even told that I was a natural at mothering from Nana (Jony's grandmother). A compliment from her is a BIG deal. Granted, she loves me. Naming my son after her (his middle name, Axfield, is her maiden name...the translated version, at least) didn't help my case, either. Jony is her favorite relative, so we always have a good time with her. My SIL does not have the same situation; she gets onto her about her weight. So, she didn't even attempt to see them while they were in town. I get that it upsets her when Nana "scolds" her, but the woman is 97 for goodness sakes. The likelihood of us getting to see her again is fairly small. Oh well. That would be her guilt to deal with.

We have MORE family coming in tomorrow- my aunt and uncle. They'll be here for a week at a substantially less busy time/weekend for us, so it should be a more enjoyable trip.


Lil'Misa said...

Oh good :) I am glad everyone got some sleep.

Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

Glad you got some sleep! It's amazing how a little sleep makes everyting better :)