Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I hate nighttime...

I feel that every mom deals with at least one major issue with their child. Ours would be sleep. He used to be pretty good- one time a night and then back down within thirty minutes. It was fine, and we could definitely handle that. He's been horrible at naps for quite a while, though. It's a miracle if I can get one nap in before I go to work (at 3pm!!). Starting about three weeks ago, the real fun starte (note the sarcasm). He's been getting up about 3-6 times a night! HORRIBLE! I really try to focus my frustration on the stupid monitor so that I'm not putting it on Jeffrey. It has been so ridiculously rough. He's waking up more now than when we was a newborn. Awful. I'm trying cutting out caffeine after noon each day to see if that makes a difference. It's never affected him before, but I have to do something! I'm sure it's all just a part of the 4 month wakeful, but I am ready for it to end. I want him to be 5 months :(

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