Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Socks

It seems that we're on the verge of needing some bigger socks. Jeffrey seems to take after his father in the big feet department. This situation of having socks that don't quite fit make the every-happening sock fight even more frustrating. The darn things just don't stay on. Now, picture the heel coming up to be about 3/4 of his foot, and it really doesn't want to stay on. You can also add a kicking, wiggly, squirming fool to that mix- the socks really don't have a chance. Why fight the fight? His poor little toes get all frigid. So, I keep trying. I've heard great things about the Trumpettes socks staying on, so we'll have to get him some of those adorable little things and test them out.

It's truly amazing how such adorable little tiny things can be really annoying.

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Lil'Misa said...

socks ... oh socks are so annoying. If shoes weren't a pain to take on and off while doing a diaper change Carter would have them on all day every day to avoid the constant putting socks back on game.