Friday, March 19, 2010

4 months!

Oh, the personality! He has become such a fun little guy to be around, and I can't wait to spend all my time with him. He is obviously so much more aware of the world around him (which was the cause for a nap strike a week or so ago), and he is constantly checking out what's going on. He's a go-getter and is always ready for the next step/milestone. He's never quite satisfied with what he's got going on at the moment. He's still waking up 1-3x a night, but he still goes to sleep fairly quickly after he gets his meal. He has moved his bedtime earlier, though, which means that he is getting up earlier (boo). It's very rare that we get a fuss out of him. He's such a content and happy little baby.

Jeffrey's 4 month milestones:
  • weighs about 13.3lb and is approximately 26inces
  • still in 3-6 or 6-9 month onesies
  • rolling both directions and can now roll consistently in one direction- mobility! eek!
  • scoots caterpillar style: sticks his butt up high in the air and kicks his leg to propel himeself forward
  • hates laying on his back and will almost always roll immediatly onto his belly
  • can stand on his own (holding onto something, obviously) for about 5-10 seconds
  • has perfected the reach and grab
  • found his feet and LOVES to play with them
  • is starting to babble, along with his coos and squeals
  • makes raspberries (and cracks himself up)
  • sticks his tongue out at you (and, again, cracks himself up)
  • can follow us around the room with his gaze and looks up at us if we have him on his laugh
  • is starting to learn his name!

He's been a busy guy this last month- lots of learning and growing! 4 month appointment is scheduled for Tuesday!

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Lil'Misa said...

It isn't amazing how much can change in just one month!? I still can't believe he is standing, crazy!