Saturday, March 13, 2010


We had belly to back rolls on Wednesday! My little guy now has the potential to do a complete roll! Granted, he's still figuring out this new skill, so it'll be a few days before he really starts utilizing it. The first time he did it was hilarious. He was so proud of himself (he'd been attempting for a few days) and gaveme the biggest smile. Then, he realized that he put himself on his back and got all sorts of pissed off. I took me awhile to calm him down after that. The only thing that worked was putting him in front of the couch to look at Coco, our dog. It was at this moment that he grabbed on to the couch and stood by himself!! It was only for about 10 seconds (enough to get a picture, no worries), but I was shocked!

In terms of rolling, he did it again successfully last night and figured out that he can roll back. I have an inkling that the blanket we have on the ground will not contain him at all much longer. He's a rolling/scooting maniac!

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Stacia said...

Wow!? Standing? You have a busy baby on your hands! :)