Sunday, April 18, 2010

Movin' on up!

Jeffrey got up on all fours today. A few times. It was so crazy to see him looking like a little boy.

Sleep has gotten a tiny bit better the last few nights. We even got a 4 hour stretch in last night- yay! We would have gotten two, but mommy and daddy went out on the town and caught up with some old friends. That was really awesome and nice, and Grammy got some good reading time in while staying with Jeffrey. We figured she'd have a heck of a time, but he only woke up once for her- 5 minutes before we got home. We obviously need to have the grandmothers come over more often. My mom got a three hour nap out of him yesterday morning!! Anyways, today we started day 1 of our new nighttime routine. We're going to try and be pretty consistent (yet flexible, as the book emphasizes) and see how it goes! We're sacrificing time for tears, so it may be awhile. We'll see how tonight goes and then take another log in 10 days and see where we go from there!

5 months old tomorrow!!

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Lil'Misa said...

OMG up on all fours? Wow ... he really is going to be crawling and walking before you know it. Start baby proofing that house. =)