Saturday, April 24, 2010

C: Cloth Diapers

This is a part of my ABCs of (my) Parenting series

I LOVE Jeffrey's little fluffy butt! Making the decision to use cloth is one that I have not regretted for one second. I'm a huge fan and encourage anyone to look into it. It's so easy, and it has great benefits. Plus, how can you not love a cute little man wearing cow print on his butt?

1) Savings. We calculated that we would break even, financially, at about 6 moths. That was us being conservative, too, so we very well could have reached that point already. Any time in diapers after that is all savings! That includes subsequent children, as well. I'll admit that I probably will buy some new diapers for new arrivals, though. Just not as much. It's just too much fun to buy them! Sure, it's an up-front cost which can be difficult. So worth it, though. Jeffrey has been super cheap since the hospital bills cleared.

2) Sensitivity. We have passed on our sensitive little skin, and his little tooshy is definitely the most sensitive at all. He gets a little rash from sitting in his poop for the time it takes to walk from the front room to his bedroom to change him. A tad ridiculous (no worries- it's gone by the next change.) He flares up super badly when we used disposables that we got at baby showers. We would probably be keeping diaper cream companies in business if we weren't in cloth.

3) Green. There's obviously an environment factor in using cloth. This is just an added benefit for us, as it was not the main reason for choosing to CD. It is nice to know that we're helping out a little, and it's fun to see the diapers hanging out to dry. Kinda takes you back to what it may have felt like way back in the day...

4) Adorable. Seriously, they're cute. Way cute. Jeffrey agrees, and we have good times stuffing the diapers together. He loves the monkey and cow prints the best.

We're currently using Rocky Mountain One-size pocket diapers during the day and BumGenius One-size pockets at night, and we're super happy with our system. We also use cloth wipes with some water in lieu of disposables. We do use disposable wipes when we're out of the house, though. That's just easier.

I love cloth. Jony loves cloth. Jeffrey loves cloth. We're one happy cloth family :)

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